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Mobile development studio and more 

About Us

ClappStudio is a mobile development studio and more. For over a year our team has been working together and satisfies the most daring needs of clients. Fast growing team of more than 12 specialists are looking for the most interesting projects.

Initiative, transparency and honesty are the principles by which we build our work, because we are really interested in the client's success and the achievement of the project goals!

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A growing team of 12


37 projects developed by our
team from scratch to release


250k lines of supported code


We develop mobile applications with clean code optimized for the target platform, which is easy to scale and add new functionality.
More details
We develop iOS
and Android applications
We create websites, services
and landing pages for applications
We help with launching
and publishing applications

Этапы работы




01. Briefing

First, we'll get to know your idea and offer options for interaction. Let's see where we can help you, and where is it better to reconsider the decision.

02. Prototype

The prototype is needed to quickly come to an understanding. To make a quality product, you need to get serious about the planning stage.
Technical task

03. Technical task

This stage fixes on paper efforts of the previous ones

04. Contract

We sign a contract for the provision of services, after which we wait for an advance payment and proceed to create product. From now on we are one team.

05. Design

Designing custom scripts and create an application design. Good design is a solid foundation for future development.

06. Development

Every two weeks we will make a report about the work performed. Either we will send the installation files, or immediately upload them for testing on GooglePlay and TestFlight.

07. Publication

At this stage, you just need to register accounts and give us access to them. Then we will do everything ourselves, and you can enjoy the application.

08. Maintenance

There may always be a need to change or add something. Escort options can be as follows: hourly pay for small changes, or conclusion of a contract to a new stage of work.
Answers to frequently asked questions
How much does it cost to develop an application?
There is no single answer to this question. In essence, the cost of development depends entirely on Togo product to be sold. You cannot make a price constructor based only on technologies used. Therefore, each project we are discussing separately, but especially for you, we have roughly identified three blocks of projects with indicative prices.
Who will be working on the project?
2 developers usually work on one module. By a module we mean: Android, iOS, Web, Backend. Having 2 developers allows us to talk about the quality of the code, each line is being tested by a higher-level specialist. Also, each project has a Project Manager, who communicates with you and coordinates the work of the team. So that everything is completed on time nowhere did they go beyond the budget and the main thing is that the product turns out to be cool. And of course, if you have there is no design yet, our creative colleagues will be happy to help draw the project layouts.
How many edits can I make?
We really like this question, because the answer to it explains the very principles of our work. In the contract that we conclude, it is strictly written about 3 amendments that correspond to application concepts. However, this is a legal formality that protects us from that we will always develop some kind of product. After creating the design and the idea itself an application or site can change a lot during the development process. And of course you need change the originally chosen path. We understand this perfectly, so some small we make changes without further ado. But if we are talking about adding a new complex functionality, you will need to negotiate the terms separately.
When is the work completed?
When you are completely satisfied with the result, we post applications to your developer accounts in GooglePlay and AppStore. Don't worry, we also get these accounts. we will help. We make the application from the first screen of the prototype to the first users.
How is product support going?
After we have published the application in stores, it may be necessary to something change or add. Escort options can be as follows: hourly pay for minor changes or conclusion of a contract for a new stage of work
Are you in the business of promotion services?
Unfortunately we do not specialize in marketing services, but we are always ready advise our partners who will make high-quality advertising and help promote application page in stores.

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